Posted: 14/03/2014 by kasiek7 in Journey

Cali, zdrowi, w Ameryce Południowej! Relacje i zdjęcia wkrótce, jak tylko uda nam się być chwilkę dłużej przy dobrym necie. Pozdrawiamy!

Alive, healthy, in South America! Reports and pictures soon, as soon as we will be a while longer with a good net. Greetings!

  1. Marju pisze:

    Greetings from Estonia!!!
    I found your blog… and it’s nice and you even care to write in english too! Good for you, now you have one more reader.
    It seems you have a lot of fun everywhere you go, that’s great! The region is wonderful!
    Me and Katre are back from Mexico, now two weeks already. I am in Estonia, Katre in UK. Our trip was also amazing, the Copper Canyon and north part of Mexico were also discovered by us. A great circel that we made around the Mexico.
    I wish you all the best, good and interesting adventures, lots of great experiences and joyful trip! Especially waiting some great pictures and emotions from Chile (you are going there, yes?)
    Take care,

    • kasiek7 pisze:

      Hiiiii! Good to hear from you however we were following you on Katre’s fb as well:) We will write one day to you about Mexico recommendation as you have seen pretty much all of it, I guess:) at least the most interesting parts:) Good luck with planning next big travel!
      Ps. We would loved to go to Chile but not sure if we would have enough time:(


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